These days I have observed thoughts of some people as well as mine. I have recollected some of the memories from my family too. After this I realised that one must set priorities in life and people really have some set priorities as per their necessities as well as perceptions.

The most important things that many of us avoid is to give priority to ourself. We have made a nexus of our needs, desires, aspirations and being answerable to the others around us which make most of us giving lesser or no priority to ourself.

Giving priority to ourself is necessary and it’s not being selfish. I have summed up it as:

  1. If we first think about ourselves and our own well being then only we would be able to get desired results out of our actions.
  2. While doing certain things where some more people are involved it is not required to wait for others to complete their task,if you think you can do it in a better way and in lesser time go ahead. Do not hesitate in showing your potential.Its not being selfish, it’s about your skills.
  3. If you have the sole responsibility of your family then it’s really become an important thing to first give priority to yourself. Take good care of your health, take proper rest and take out time for yourself because if only you stay healthy then only you would be able to handle other responsibilities.
  4. There are lot of things that go along with life but we should not forgive to live our own life, moments of joy and cheerfulness are the things that make us live our life.
  5. If you really feel something good and praise worthy about yourself then don’t let it go. Sometimes self branding, self appraisal and self appreciation boost our confidence and improves our persona.
  6. If you think you are worthy of taking credit towards an accomplishment then must move forward and take the credit because in many cases people do not give you credit. So stop expecting from others and take it. This should also be one of your priority to give yourself due credibility.

There could be much more that can come under self priority. We must have set priorities in life but do not forget to keep yourself amongst the top one of them because you are the one who has to be the leading person in order to accomplish something from those priorities. So do not compromise and be your priority first 😊.


Heart beat moment

The moment when I realized

I have feelings for you

My heart beats got faster and faster …

The moment when I looked into your eyes

I find your eyes full of deep love for me

My heart beats got faster and faster…

The moment you hold my hands

and I felt warmth of your touch

My heart beats got faster and faster…

The moment when I sensed fragrance of your breathe

And heat of passion for love towards me

My heart beats got faster and faster…

The moment when you pulled me towards you and I put my head on your shoulder

My heart beats got faster and faster..

The moment when you read my eyes and gave me a hug

When I needed it most

My heart beats got faster and faster…
Every moment when I feel your love, care, passion and compassion

My heart beats gets faster and faster…


For ourself

Ourself, here is used for an individual and his/her own. Every individual has own priorities, liabilities, worries and happiness. And all these things depend on an individual only and his/ her choice.

In our lives we encounter problems that may be emotional, financial or health related or may be anything that we consider a problem. As we are all social so we take advice from our friends, relatives and from professionals.

But here I think that we can take advice and get motivated but there are or almost in every situation we have to take decision for ourself. There is no problem with taking advice but we should not be influenced by others’ on every matter. We should gather enough courage in some situations where we can raise our voice for ourself. We should express our thoughts, liking and dislikings.

There are many situations where we are advised to take our step back where we really wanna move ahead and we know it well that what’s wrong and right. For our own rights, for our own self respect we must speak and take a stand for ourselves.

Just for the sake of making people happy around us do not accept or follow anything which you actually don’t want. There are certain cases where people follow advices given by others and suffer. In whichever circumstances we are ,we can only take a right decision for ourselves.

Trust me for time being it feels like to follow others’ advice and move but when we face the actual circumstances we only regret our decisions. It happens in personal life as well as professional.So be wise and choose what’s really good for you but if you know that you can make better decision on your own for yourself leave the good one and go for better. This is our life and we have to live every moment. It’s our journey so we should be enough confident about taking decisions for our betterment.

It’s better to be happy with our own decisions rather regretting on others’ advice. 😊

Flying high….

From the chain of conservatism

& eyes full of questions,

From the boundaries decided by society & prejudices about many things,

I want to get free and fly high

in the quest of finding myself with my wings,

Flying in the desire of getting my own piece of land, my own sky and my own horizon….

Can’t please everyone

“Oh what would they say if I will do that? “

“Would it hurt them if I choose to do it in my own way? “

This is one of the most common thing many of us go through. What make us think about what others think?

It starts from home and then society. When a child does anything that their Parents don’t want them to do, they normally choose these words as see what others will think about you? And later on when grown ups move out they think about others before doing anything. It has also been taught us that do not hurt others or make them happy with your actions.Which is also necessary but is it really possible everytime?

In order to portray our good image or in real for being good some of us stop giving priority to ourself and our choices. This way we forget ourselves. It lessens our power of handling and approaching different situations ,circumstances and problems.

If we can’t express ourselves just for the sake of others ,we can’t reveal or encounter with our own personality. It’s a good thing to think about others or not hurting them but practically it’s not possible everytime. Many times our way of tackling situations may not be liked by others. So it’s not possible to make everyone happy.

In many families I have seen some women who in order to make everyone happy have already forgotten themselves. This is a situation where a person lacks confidence. They can’t collect enough courage to speak for themselves.

This is the tradition of life ” as many words as mouth “. We should not give undue importance to everybody’s reaction on our actions. It is well said that it’s good to lose people around you rather losing yourself.

We should be confident and approach the situations in our own way because we can’t make everyone happy all the time. Take your own decisions and be bold enough to be stand by them. This is your life so decisions to be made by keeping your own view on front. Take guidance and advice from our elders and near dear ones for sure but keep your notions and thoughts on priority.

Do what you think is right because we can’t please everyone .😊


Amidst of complexities,

so much adversities..

a thing that gave me endurance,

Was the belief and assurance..

that somewhere you are standing by my side,

Helping me everytime and guide


With response to prompt – some where

#godoggocafe #Poetry

Who am I

In the quest of finding myself,

Battling with innumerable thoughts..

My soul travelled through rugged surfaces of worldliness,

Junctures where it faced an impasse..

Conflicts to prove my deeds right,

A dwelling where I tried to judge myself many times..

Moments where I struggled to prove myself,

Few of them that gave happiness in opulence..

And few gave me pain and sorrow,

At the end still wandering in the quest

a never ending quest…