Happiness rely on attitude …

Everyone from us want to be happy. No one in the world want to choose sadness over happiness. But it’s also one of the bitter truth of the world that not everyone in this world is happy.

Sufferings and struggle are unavoidable part of our lives. Behind smiling faces too, problem and suffering lies but one thing that creates a difference between people is their attitude towards problems.

Everyone has a different way of dealing with problems. If I generalise then I find three types of ways in which people deal with their problems.

1. Some victimise themselves with their attitude. They always feel like why only me chosen to have this problem.This is completely a victim attitude where they don’t want to focus in trying to find out a solution for their problems.

2. Such kind of people remain in denial mode. They behave like they don’t have any problem and with this attitude root cause of problem only grows and ultimately they suffered from huge loss due to absence of any solution.

3. These are the people who accept about their problems and make serious efforts to come out with some solutions. Such people can cope up with any odds in their lives and come out as winner.

World is full of ample examples where people have made their names despite of having worst circumstances. Some faced poverty, lack of exact physical attributes, dreaded diseases and many more things that might make someone to give up but the winners are those who accept the situations and try to achieve by finding solutions to their problem. People who have victim and denial attitude can never be happy nor they get any solution.

Happiness can only be achieved by accepting the problems and working towards their solution. By victimising one can only pity on himself rather than be happy.

Denial attitude can proved to be hilarious for one. Being positive is good but ignoring the problems can led to huge suffering and loses.

It’s our attitude that completely decides whether we will be happy or sad . If we really want to be happy and contented then we must accept problems, try to find the root cause and come up with some solutions. That will help us to tackle any situation in life and true happiness lies in being a fighter 😊


An unplanned trip to enjoy Solitude #TheBlindList (Blind date with the world)

Following daily routine, living a monotonous life I really needed a break. These little breaks that we take while performing our daily tasks and living a routine life really help us to rejuvenate and restart it again with more energy and enthusiasm. So with the desire of taking a break I decided to pack my bags and go for a blind date with the world , a date in which I had #TheBlindList of adventures that I always wanted to do . I believed that by following #TheBlindList I will definitely enjoy my blind date and would be ready to #SayYesToTheWorld.

I really did not know exactly where I have to go but one thing I was sure of that I want to go very close to the nature. I really wanted to feel myself.I needed peace and wanted to talk with myself in the lap of nature and then my journey Began….

I decided to first explore the north and feel the nature. As soon as I left for my blind date I started feeling energetic and happy.After few hours of travelling I reached my destination. I had decided to stay at a place where everything must be close to nature . So I stayed in a resort that was constructed in a way that everything seemed to be natural. The Cottage in which I stayed had a river side view which was immensely beautiful to watch from my window. I could watch small river body , beautiful birds and trees. Anyone can enjoy the Solitude there.

After getting relaxed and enjoying the natural view of resort I decided to move out and explore the place. I have always been fond of going to hill and watch lots of cloud. Beautiful clouds and the view from mountain itself speak about the beauty of nature. How beautiful everything was! Nature has given us everything in its most beautiful form – untouched , beautiful and elegant.

So I reached on top of a hill and enjoyed the beautiful scenic view from there. Small valleys, floating clouds, fog and moisture everything was so wonderful. I decided to sit for sometime and enjoy that beautiful painting portrayed by nature. While sitting there calmly I thoroughly enjoyed my solitude.

Very next day I decided to explore local areas and their culture. I did some Street shopping and seen the beautiful dresses that people used to wear in that climate. I got a chance to talk with some people there and understand their culture, practices, food habits and difficulties like how they have adapted to live in cold climate and mountains. Then I decided to watch some cultural programs there and I myself got dressed up in their traditional attire and learnt their folk dance.It was one of the day when I felt like looking prettier to myself. Such an awesome experience it was.

After coming back from there I decided to take natural Spa therapy available in my resort.My whole body and mind got relaxed.Next day I had to go back to my place and start my work again with double energy and enthusiasm.I must say after taking a short break from monotonous life and feeling the beauty ,serenity and divinity of the nature #TheBlindList got enlarged. Now I have decided to complete #TheBlindList. I will continue to go on blind dates with the world time to time because there is a lot to see and explore in the world.It is such a wonderful experience to go on a blind date with the world. Now I can #Say YesToTheWorld.

I have written this post #TheBlindList with response to


Make way…..

Many rugged paths and so many halt;

Sometimes very sweet and sometimes lot of salt..

Deeper like ocean and desert like emptiness ;

Sometimes pain and sometimes happiness ..

At one moment contented and at

another having new desire;

Sometimes as cool as autumn and sometimes have fire…

This is all about life I can say,

To live it we have to make our own way………….

Don’t give up

We all have so many desires and aspirations. But along with them we have a goal where we really wanna reach. We are passionate about it. Does everyone reach there?

No, not all but many. Why? Because circumstances are always not in favour. Sometimes the passion for achieving the goal is temporary or short time. Some of us really don’t know what we actually want and get influenced from different things time to time. Lack of consistency doesn’t let us reach anywhere. So one of the most important thing is to find out what’s our actual passion is.

In other cases some could not reach their goal because they can not cope up with unfavourable situations that may arise in the way. They are those who give up easily and instead of following passion for long time they compromise with situations. Some really want to but due to many reasons like poverty, lack of support from family and friends and responsibilities can not go far behind their passion.

But the real heroes about whom we get lot of examples at academics or some other point of life are the ones who never gave up. They didn’t stop following their passion in many odd situations. They turned all the unfavourable circumstances into their favour. They come from different backgrounds. Some from rich background other from poor.Some of them are physically challenged too.

They are those who never give up. Doesn’t matter how hard it is, how long would it take because many great people have got recognition for their work and contribution in later age. So, stop thinking about all those things that make you weak. Try to find out ways for coming over all odds. Never stop following your passion because sincere efforts and dedication give results may be sooner or later. Follow your passion and never give up whatever be the circumstances. Surpass all the odds and reach your destination. 😊

Balancing Personal and Professional life…..

These days it seems to be hard to separate professional life from personal. Assidousness, pressure at work place and responsibilities at home altogether make our lives tough. Many of us get so much indulged in our jobs and responsibilities that we can’t realise that it is really affecting our lives and closed ones too. We can deal with these kinda situations :

Office Assignments

Try not to bring office work at home. Do agree ,umpteen times it happen that some specific tasks, assignments and projects need to be worked upon day and night. Except really utmost important tasks that can’t be leave don’t try to bring anything else at home and mash up the work with your personal life.


In day to day life many incidences happen at work place. It may be any arguement , disapproval of any idea by the senior or anything.You are not supposed to take all that in the mind along and remain tensed even after leaving the office till reaching home. In such situations when you take all these kinds of things with you at home you can not actually look at the things you should. Your family and you yourself need your own time. Better to leave such things there only.

Office Politics/ Groupism

If you really facing corporate politics or groupism in your organisation which keeps you tense or irritating then the most important thing is trying to cope up with the situation. You can build connections, stay away from gossip, aware about your competitor who is involved in politics, don’t hesitate in talking about your achievements and accomplishments. Be assertive at times.

Always take out Me Time

Once you stepped out of your work place then start your taking it as your me time as well as family time. Enjoy spending time with Parents, kids, spouse and friends. In these personal moments forget about all your worries and tensions related to work place. And last but not the least in fact most important is me time because if we really take out time for grooming, pampering and taking care of ourselves then only we can take care of our work and families. For self assessment, self realisation and self improvement we must take out time.


Never underestimate your talent or ignore your hobbies. When we really wanna get satisfaction and peace we should be embraced with something that we really like or passionate about. So take out time for your hobbies too.

Meditation / Yoga or Work outs

Although we all remain very much occupied with our work and responsibilities but a healthy mind and body would definitely help us to perform better. So try to take out time from minimum 10 mins to half an hour for meditation / yoga or any work out you like.

Hope all the above mentioned things would help to cope up with certain unpleasant things and help in maintaining a balance between personal and professional life.

Steal the moments from Busy Life…

Following daily routine makes our life monotonous. Performing daily chores, busy life, hectic schedules, travelling ,work pressure as well as worries to have good and secure future leads to a monotonous and boring life in which we forget to pamper ourselves. From a general perspective it seems to be normal but whenever we try to take out few minutes and think many of us will definitely feel that they have not even laughed by heart from many days.

Life is really precious and beautiful. It is meant to be celebrated. Although it is also necessary to work for our livelihood and satisfaction. It’s good to be passionate about our job / work but it is also a necessity to live different moments of joy in daily course of life. Many of us take breaks sometime, plan for holidays and rejuvenate themselves but there are many who can not plan holidays due to some reasons. In this robotic era where everyone is running for some reason or the other.

How can one run away from his responsibilities? Answer is – There is no need to run away. But while working towards responsibilities don’t forget yourself. Smile to the people around you. Don’t miss a chance to enjoy small small moments that take place daily. Never forget to smile at those who really concerned about you. Enjoy the activities of kids you see while passing through. Most of us spend maximum hours at work place and our colleagues become our second family. So despite of differences in opinion, your profiles as well as arguments happen due to disagreements on some professional issue don’t miss the moments of joy and laughter.We should not aside ourselves from some interesting, intellectual or funny conversations. These moments genuinely keep us motivated and happy at our work place too.

Similarly we should not miss a chance to spend time with our family. Most important is to take out time for ourself too. Do not forget to pamper yourself. We also need our own proper care and attention.Knowing ourselves better leads to follow our own passion more passionately and with dedication. Life will always go this way the need is only to steal moments of joy from it and keep us alive. 😊