International Yoga Day- A proud for us

Yesterday, International Yoga day was celebrated in almost 192 countries. Millions of people from different countries have participated in it. This international Yoga day has given a distinguished identity to our country.

Yoga, the very ancient form of keeping mind , body and soul fit and healthy is a blessing given to us by Maharshi Patanjali.We must congratulate our Prime Minister and Ministry of Ayush to successfully organise it. And the most important we should congratulate all the participants from our country and other countries who have shown their faith and determination in this ancient practice of Yoga.

I hope that those who have actively participated in it yesterday would make it a habit and a part of life which will keep them happy, healthy and active.

Once again we should congratulate our Prime  Minister for this International Yoga day and recognition world wide.yoga_day_big

Corporate politics

As the title of my Blog already gives an idea about what I am trying to say here, I will come to the topic directly.

I am also working and watching others too working in different organisational culture. The one thing to be noticed and common also is the dirty politics played by some morons (in my opinion) in the working place these days. Although I am agree with the fact that it had been a practice from a long time but today in the current scenario , it has been played in smaller organisations too on a wider scale.

Well these days we have smart , talented and intelligent people who come from different renowned universities or educational institutions. Despite this fact  we are all aware that all are not same.There are differences in each ones personality, way of working, taking risk and attitude.There should be a healthy competition, some people who really are insecure about their positions play this dirty politics.

These people neither do their own work nor they let others to do work.They always poke their nose in the matters in which they don’t have any role to play. They really have such sick mentallity that they never hesitate in letting others down .And after a certain period of time this habit grows so deeply that they don’t feel shame in sharing their  thoughts like- If you have to survive in the organisation ,you have to pull other’s leg and move upwards.

Here by I am just trying to convey the message to those people that an organisation grows well with their performance not with their dirty politics. Performance is required rather than pulling other’s leg or letting them down in front of others.An organisation can do well only with the hard work, team work and co operation.And they can grow only with the growth of the organisation.

Survival in an organisation is far different from growing with an organisation. In only trying to survive in the organisation ,they have become the frog of a well i.e. kue ka mendak(in hindi). This way they can only survive but never grow.

Be dare to grow in an healthy competition.Grow yourself and help others to grow, then only you can be a real (3)

Old Age-a bitter truth

This is only yesterday’s matter.At evening I met an old age couple, who were searching for a house to themselves. The way they were talking to me gave me a feeling that both are either being ignored or no one is there to take care of them . One of the thing that caused a shiver inside me was the question that if there are no facilities like food or canteen etc. are being provided in a living place or campus for such an old grown couple then with whom support will they live and for whom they live? It was almost dark, so I told them to go to their home (as they told me that they have their own home which they want to leave and buy a new one) and search tomorrow , I will help them.
From that time itself I am thinking where have those moral values and sanskaras have gone? We are living in Indian society and the values that teach us to take care of our parents are deeply rooted and to live in a family together. But as the time passing all these values are being faded away. People are busy in running their own race. They have moved so much ahead that they can not see behind those old faces and shaking hands who really need them and given golden time of their life in upbringing of their children .And if this is the truth of life then for what we all are running?

We forget that the wheel of time is moving continuously and we will also reach in the condition in which our elder one and parents are today.I am requesting everyone to please take care of your parents. They were there with you when you need them ,now its your turn.

And at last I only want to say that Old Age is a bitter truth of life and we all have to face it after few years. So, please always remember about it and take care of your parents.