Old Age-a bitter truth

This is only yesterday’s matter.At evening I met an old age couple, who were searching for a house to themselves. The way they were talking to me gave me a feeling that both are either being ignored or no one is there to take care of them . One of the thing that caused a shiver inside me was the question that if there are no facilities like food or canteen etc. are being provided in a living place or campus for such an old grown couple then with whom support will they live and for whom they live? It was almost dark, so I told them to go to their home (as they told me that they have their own home which they want to leave and buy a new one) and search tomorrow , I will help them.
From that time itself I am thinking where have those moral values and sanskaras have gone? We are living in Indian society and the values that teach us to take care of our parents are deeply rooted and to live in a family together. But as the time passing all these values are being faded away. People are busy in running their own race. They have moved so much ahead that they can not see behind those old faces and shaking hands who really need them and given golden time of their life in upbringing of their children .And if this is the truth of life then for what we all are running?

We forget that the wheel of time is moving continuously and we will also reach in the condition in which our elder one and parents are today.I am requesting everyone to please take care of your parents. They were there with you when you need them ,now its your turn.

And at last I only want to say that Old Age is a bitter truth of life and we all have to face it after few years. So, please always remember about it and take care of your parents.

9 thoughts on “Old Age-a bitter truth

  1. It’s worth reading. Many I incidences of leaving parents alone. We should not forget we will also grow old.

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