Corporate politics

As the title of my Blog already gives an idea about what I am trying to say here, I will come to the topic directly.

I am also working and watching others too working in different organisational culture. The one thing to be noticed and common also is the dirty politics played by some morons (in my opinion) in the working place these days. Although I am agree with the fact that it had been a practice from a long time but today in the current scenario , it has been played in smaller organisations too on a wider scale.

Well these days we have smart , talented and intelligent people who come from different renowned universities or educational institutions. Despite this fact  we are all aware that all are not same.There are differences in each ones personality, way of working, taking risk and attitude.There should be a healthy competition, some people who really are insecure about their positions play this dirty politics.

These people neither do their own work nor they let others to do work.They always poke their nose in the matters in which they don’t have any role to play. They really have such sick mentallity that they never hesitate in letting others down .And after a certain period of time this habit grows so deeply that they don’t feel shame in sharing their  thoughts like- If you have to survive in the organisation ,you have to pull other’s leg and move upwards.

Here by I am just trying to convey the message to those people that an organisation grows well with their performance not with their dirty politics. Performance is required rather than pulling other’s leg or letting them down in front of others.An organisation can do well only with the hard work, team work and co operation.And they can grow only with the growth of the organisation.

Survival in an organisation is far different from growing with an organisation. In only trying to survive in the organisation ,they have become the frog of a well i.e. kue ka mendak(in hindi). This way they can only survive but never grow.

Be dare to grow in an healthy competition.Grow yourself and help others to grow, then only you can be a real (3)

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