Moving with the flow………….

Here I am again ready to write . Today I am really writing about what I am feeling now.

The nature of we humans are like almost same with each other. We are so much influenced with what’s happening around that we really forget what we actually want. We sometimes don’t bother about looking towards our inside that what are the real demands of our inner being. We all have almost same goals like to achieve the things to fulfill the basic needs of our life, to attain luxury , to have a good future and really well settled lives and What I want to say here is that there is nothing wrong in that .

But apart from that our inner being also have some desires that we forget to fulfill. We all have something hidden inside us that demands something . We are working to achieve certain things but apart from that we should do what we really want . Every one is running almost for the same cause daily that is their livelihoods but only few make a mark in the world.

The one’s who really make a mark are among those who really do what their inner being want. The need is to take out time for ourselves and listen to it what we really want. We all have something creative hidden inside us but the need is to identify it. 

In the race of life we really ignore our inner voices and choices . we all are moving with the flow. We all are running our race just to fulfill the necessities of life .

But the real satisfaction comes only when we do what we actually want . The rare people who make a mark in the world are those who do not move with the flow they are those who move against the flow and achieve that satisfaction as well while taking care of their responsibilities as well. So, instead of moving with the  flow only  it is better to listen your inner voice and make up a mark as well………………allow your life to unfold - adjusted


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