Motivation from within…. 

In this busiest world and busiest life it is really very difficult for one to understand himself /herself. If it is difficult for oneself to understand self then it is impossible to understand others.  In this hastle everyone is burdened with expectations and the reality. What one imagine and expect is far different from existing circumstances. I know many people around me and even myself who become victim of negativity. Just for example a young guy who looking for a job has lot of expectations from the job he is going to do but when he really get the job he suddenly realised that reality is very much different from expectations.
He was thinking that once he get job life will be easier then now but opposite happens. Now he has to face the targets, the bosses, the competition to survive, corporate politics and to do better and better. He has to compete with himself. This doesn’t happen with him only. It happens with everyone may be a housewife, a student, a business man and so on. This creates negativity in the mind and the whole persona becomes negative. Sometimes people get depressed. The one thing that is necessary to cope up with our circumstances is to get motivated from ourself. Getting motivated is not that tough as it sounds. We have many reasons in our lives to be thankful for. To remain positive one should look for the things he/she have. Just in case of the young guy mentioned above, the very first thing to be motivated is that he at least having a job whereas lot of qualified people still struggling for a job.One can be self motivated by counting the good things or favourable circumstances. Once we start noticing all the blessings that we have, we ourself feel the magic of positivity. It does not mean that while counting the things one have,

 he/she stop trying to get more. Use the power of positivity to gain more and more.By counting our blessings and achievement we can reduce the negativity and motivate ourself to work to get more positive things and happiness in life. When negative circumstances surround us, trying to be positive and self motivated can help to cope up with the situation. For a happy and healthy life we should count our blessings and remain positive. It helps in self motivation and make ones life beautiful.Actually motivation lies within,the need is to look for all what we have and what we can achieve with it.

17 thoughts on “Motivation from within…. 

  1. Motivating yourself is a push out to again nd again prove positive always. Be motivated always…nothing in this world is to loose..but always to gain….
    Nice richa….

  2. Richa i impressed to read your beautiful lines on motivation and positive is, really, with full of colors.some time it is said that to live a life is not a bed of roses but i feel life is full of bed of roses,very colorful.Your message is very inspiring and motivational.Superb RICHA

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