Colors of life

Life, the word itself holds a vast treasure of secrets in it. What we think of when we hear the word “life”? May be a person or a creature who is alive or who has taken birth on this planet has life. But the most important aspect of the life is being alive and live every moment of life .                                                                                                         

Life has different  shades and colors. In the eyes of an ordinary person life can be all about to grow ,to study ,to become a professional, to earn, to go for a date and so on. They really indulge  themselves in performing all these tasks and their life become monotonous, result  they forget to find out the real meaning of life. Somepeople even get depressed and some never understand the meaning of real happiness.  In the  state of assiduousness  one hardly gets an opportunity to be alive in real.while discussing about different shades of life I want to share about few incidences that exactly  helped me to understand  the true meaning of life  and how to being alive.Even anyone can find out the same  if have a glance around.In this world there are people  who achieved the same thing  but really have different circumstances , there is a kid whose parents are financially strong and capable of providing every best facility to the kid who achieve the same goal like the other one who grown up with limited resources. I know many women  whose husband stands by her and support her to work and being recognised on the contrary I also know the women who have to Rebel  and stepped out and then only they got recognition .In doing all these things we sometimes suffer from grief,  sorrow, depression and happiness . These are some how colors of life but not exactly all.                                      Being alive is very much different from living a life. Until unless one does not discover what’s the real goal of life, it’s impossible to meet with the real colors of life .By the real goal of life here I mean self-realization we must understand what really lies within ,what we really want ,what our heart is looking for, which thing in the world gives us immense satisfaction. What is our ultimate goal? Apart from becoming a professional, earning money, making a family there must be something that give us the real pleasure. Innumerous circumstances affect our life but we should not let them effect our efforts to find the real happiness. For actually enjoying the different shades of life introspection is necessary. One should understand what give them satisfaction. Some love to read while other want to contribute to social work.One should take out time for those things they really want to do.

 Once we discover our ultimate desire and start fulfilling it then the other things also become easy to do.As I discussed about the kid who achieved despite of limited resources and the women who want to make their presence felt. These are those people who are quite sure about their desires and goals. Happiness, sadness, poverty, money, grief etc etc are different phases of life but don’t let them kill our inner desires. Once we know ourselves from the day we start painting the most beautiful shades of life on our own canvas and everything appears to be a bliss.                                                                So what are  you waiting for?  Paint your own portrait with the beautiful colors of life and feel the magic of being alive. 😊

21 thoughts on “Colors of life

  1. Out of millions there is a special for every individuals yes EVERY, which will beacon and outshines rest all to get that on canvas one needs to thrive for it 😉

  2. The shades of life r vry hard to paint..but when you tried at ur own language they will speak to u…so always ready with ur brush..
    God bless u dear….nice thought

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