My Honourable PM

I am Richa Pandey. I am living in Mumbai. I belong to M. P. I am a huge admirer of our Honourable PM Shri Narendra Modi . His dynamic leadership and his vision inspire a lot. From the very starting of the working of NDA government, the vision you putforth towards the progress of the Nation including the development and providing basic facilities to every Indian with the initiatives like Swachh Bharat Mission is really incredible and awe-inspiring. After that Make in India and digital India really reflects your futuristic vision about the new India. I have not heard much about the vision like Make in India earlier from our leaders. Your desire to make every Indian a well versed citizen with the newer technology and digitalisation is commendable.You laid enough emphasis on e-governance which will eradicate the practice of taking help of mediators and corruption in the system. Where some of the politicians raise question about digitalisation and e-payment your vision and positive attitude gives a motivation that every individual has the capacity to learn newer things and technology. There is nothing difficult in learning newer technologies if one wish so and I remember one of your speech in which you said that there is no problem in the technology, it’s easy, the problem is in the mindset of the people who are reluctant for accepting the newer thing. This speech of yours really shows your positive approach and vision. Apart from all these ujjwala yojana and providing electricity to villages and remote areas are really praise worthy. Decisions like demonetisation and surgical strikes really requires a clear vision and political will. We are really proud to have a leader like you who is a visionary and have will to work for our Nation.

Via MyNt

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