Being yourself 

“Different gestures, different roles,

Different responsibilities,innumerous goals

Behind the clutter of all this, doing everything for others & self ,

There lies a small wish inside, when can I enjoy being myself”.

Unstoppable run, yes an unstoppable run. It’s a running towards attaining number of things in the race of life. This race starts with the life itself. As soon as one comes in existence this unstoppable race starts. Here I am intended to talk about our society. We can see one’s childhood dying in order to fulfill the expectations of others most important of their family including parents. Just have a look around yourself, you can find lot of examples.
Very small kids who are being forced by their parents to study hard or to do any other thing that their parents want to make them or achieve them. For this ample examples are being given to those kids by their family, society and sometimes from their teachers too and many more people who play an important role in a kid’s life. Generally it has been said that look towards that child how good is he in studies or some other thing and expectation of doing the same from child. As a result of pressure and influence many kids lose the sense of being themselves and try to behave in the same manner as expected. Sometimes it overlap their personality and they pretend to behave like others and lose their childhood in copying others and fulfilling others expectations.

Here I don’t want to say that it is wrong to prepare a kid to be a successful person in future or to develop a good habit by exemplifying others. I only want to say that everyone is born with unique qualities, the need is only to identify it and help in grooming one’s personality. It is necessary to develop good habits amongst kids but these can be better developed by praising them everytime they do something good. Try to behave in a manner you want your kids to behave rather giving example of someone else. Stop comparing them with others most of the time as usually we do because this leads a child copying the one you exemplifying and it would overshadow child’s own personality.

This thing does not end in childhood only. It happens in other phases of life too.Teen age is a phase where a new world is ready to welcome and explore newer things. A teenager can more easily gets influenced and try to behave like a person whom they really appreciate. Responsibility of the parents and society grows more here. They need to take care and help in growing teenager’s own personality by appreciating their qualities and talent. When their talent and qualities get appreciated, they start improving and working upon those. Similarly the phases of life keep on changing and so as the surrounding things and circumstances. It’s become tougher to make own space and recognition. Sometimes one can start following another one’s footsteps to achieve what they really want and can not make their own way to tackle the situation and reach their destination. If a sense of own qualities and identity remains with a person he can make his own way and rare people can do that because most of the time people try to follow some one else’s footsteps. It happens because we try to behave like other person with whom we are influenced or got compared. It happens with almost everyone. In this challenging environment people sometimes forget their own potential and try to follow others. This happens because we forget our own qualities and talent. We ignore what our heart is really calling for?

The need is to self recognise yourself and build a confidence that you can achieve what you really want. It can be done at any phase of life and one thing to be noted that it can achieve best at an early age. It is the responsibility of all of us that not to enforce our expectations on others but help them in identifying themselves and do the same with us. Recognise and appreciate your own qualities also because no one can take your place. You are special in your way, need is to make it felt to others.

Believe me you are special.

Yoga-A healthy way of life

Yoga- an ancient practice of living a healthy life with a peaceful mind. Yoga is a group of physical, mental and  spiritual practices.Our Rishi -Munis have given us a treasure of living a healthy as well as spiritual life. Yoga is useful to everyone may be young or old, working or non working.It includes different asanas like bhujang Asana, vajra asana, Mandook Asana etc.  which keep different body parts healthier. 

Yoga strengthen muscles, it’s different breathing techniques known as “pranayams”help in supplying fresh oxygen to all body parts and practice of meditation reduce stress and improve concentration. 

 Another yoga practice known as “Surya Namaskar or sun salutation ” helps in work out of each and almost every body part. 

Apart from it Raj Yoga ,an ancient practice of meditation keeps ones mind peaceful and helpful in increasing concentration. Maharshi Patanjali who known to be as pioneer of yoga has said that yoga is cessation of the modification of mind,in simpler words it means that it helps our mind to concentrate easily. Yoga also cures many diseases, obesity and depression.Regular practice of Yoga can change our lives. 

As we all know that international Yoga day is celebrated on 21 June, so come together and let’s make yoga a habit which becomes an essential part of life.

Welcome to a healthier world…..