Yoga-A healthy way of life

Yoga- an ancient practice of living a healthy life with a peaceful mind. Yoga is a group of physical, mental and  spiritual practices.Our Rishi -Munis have given us a treasure of living a healthy as well as spiritual life. Yoga is useful to everyone may be young or old, working or non working.It includes different asanas like bhujang Asana, vajra asana, Mandook Asana etc.  which keep different body parts healthier. 

Yoga strengthen muscles, it’s different breathing techniques known as “pranayams”help in supplying fresh oxygen to all body parts and practice of meditation reduce stress and improve concentration. 

 Another yoga practice known as “Surya Namaskar or sun salutation ” helps in work out of each and almost every body part. 

Apart from it Raj Yoga ,an ancient practice of meditation keeps ones mind peaceful and helpful in increasing concentration. Maharshi Patanjali who known to be as pioneer of yoga has said that yoga is cessation of the modification of mind,in simpler words it means that it helps our mind to concentrate easily. Yoga also cures many diseases, obesity and depression.Regular practice of Yoga can change our lives. 

As we all know that international Yoga day is celebrated on 21 June, so come together and let’s make yoga a habit which becomes an essential part of life.

Welcome to a healthier world….. 

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