Lust and Life

Lust, Oh yes I have lust to stop the moment when I look down into the Memory Lane… 

When I find myself watching into your eyes I have lust that I can live with this moment forever

Whenever you give me your shoulder I always have a lust to keep my head on it forever 

Whenever you share your happiness and sorrows I have lust to be the only one with whom you share 

Whenever you open your arms for me I have lust to remain in your arms forever

Whenever  I am with you I  want to forget myself I have a lust to get lost in you

Yes I have lust for you coz you are my life 

And I want this lust forever….. 

Fragrances so special…
Fragrance occupies a very very important place in my life.Fragrance strikes the whole body, mind as well as soul.Different different fragrances mean a different feeling for me. One of the most pleasant and I feel it beautiful too is the fragrance that comes when I perform worship and do different procession while offering my prayers to god. The inscence sticks with different fragrance makes the entire ambience calm and pleasant. I do believe that these beautiful fragrances have the power to make us feel about the divine world. 

Another fragrance that is much more important is of one’s partner’s. I believe that a person’s own fragrance has the power to pull his/ her partner towards themselves.This fragrance make one forget the rest of the world.One love to lie in the arms of their partner and forget all the worries and it is the fragrance that plays an important role. 

Fragrance creates magic in one’s mind, body and soul. I have obsession of certain fragrances and I am sure life is incomplete without the sense of having those fragrances. 

No one really cares

It all starts from the very beginning when one start becoming expressive and doing certain acts, at the same time he/she  has to hear from surrounding about what is good or bad to express .I earlier in my blogs admitted the fact that learning the difference between good or bad is desirable and motivation through behaviour is required but to prevent or interrupt someone by giving an argument that what others think about you if you do this can change one’s personality.    

It’s our responsibility to teach the difference between good and bad but lot of discernment and apprehensions lie  in our society. Just as an example it has been told to the girls in some  families that it’s not good to be over expressive, it’s not good to laugh loudly or ask too many questions. It does not happen with girls only even with  boys too. It really affect one’s personality deeply.Sometimes it happens that the whole Persona of a person  changes into an introvert one. when they want to act or express themselves the very first thought that comes in their mind is what others think if they are wrong and the result is they never want to express their notion and views despite of being confident about their thoughts.Due to this sometimes don’t raise their voice when anything unjust happen to trhem. This phrase “what others think ” seems to be very negative to me. It very closely affect one’s confidence. When grown ups move out of their homes and cope up with the world to make their own position they face innumerous circumstances, this is the high time when someone thrives to make up their mark in c
ertain fields, this thought what others think sometimes prove to be harmful because some of them can’t express themselves whereas some succeed to 2 the reality that in today’s world where every individual is busy with the struggles of their own life they don’t have time to think about others. They realise that they are responsible for their actions and no one else and no one cares about what’s happening in their lives. They have to take their own responsibility and thus work accordingly. Those who think what others think remain far behind in the race of life as they can’t express their talents and thoughts and even sometimes some of them even can’t express their happiness and sorrows which is dangerous. 

This is the basic human nature that people take more interest in criticizing others and give theeir  opinion but the reality is that they don’t easily praise or accept easily the good deeds done by others. That’s why it need to be taught earlier in life that we ourself are responsible for our actions and have to take our own responsibility at some stage of life. Make them aware about right and wrong but do not always prevent them from expressing by the argument that what others think because everyone is running their own race and the reality is 

No one really cares.