Fragrances so special…
Fragrance occupies a very very important place in my life.Fragrance strikes the whole body, mind as well as soul.Different different fragrances mean a different feeling for me. One of the most pleasant and I feel it beautiful too is the fragrance that comes when I perform worship and do different procession while offering my prayers to god. The inscence sticks with different fragrance makes the entire ambience calm and pleasant. I do believe that these beautiful fragrances have the power to make us feel about the divine world. 

Another fragrance that is much more important is of one’s partner’s. I believe that a person’s own fragrance has the power to pull his/ her partner towards themselves.This fragrance make one forget the rest of the world.One love to lie in the arms of their partner and forget all the worries and it is the fragrance that plays an important role. 

Fragrance creates magic in one’s mind, body and soul. I have obsession of certain fragrances and I am sure life is incomplete without the sense of having those fragrances. 


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