Lust and Life

Lust, Oh yes I have lust to stop the moment when I look down into the Memory Lane… 

When I find myself watching into your eyes I have lust that I can live with this moment forever

Whenever you give me your shoulder I always have a lust to keep my head on it forever 

Whenever you share your happiness and sorrows I have lust to be the only one with whom you share 

Whenever you open your arms for me I have lust to remain in your arms forever

Whenever  I am with you I  want to forget myself I have a lust to get lost in you

Yes I have lust for you coz you are my life 

And I want this lust forever….. 

14 thoughts on “Lust and Life

  1. Lust and love both are necessary for life….but lust and love both are different.

    Nice article

    1. Lust is somewhat makes a person passionate. Lust can be of different things as getting loved, having money, to jump on ladder of success.It’s up to is how we use it to get motivated. Thnx for reading and appreciating

  2. The one who sees positives even in negatives is called an optimistic. Here you have been quite a fine one changing the meaning of a ‘not so comfortable to be used socially’ term to somewhat like a fine soft caress. Adorable!

  3. You have used the word in a much broader sense. Normally, it is used for an intense sexual desire, discussed with someone in a very private and intimate environment.

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