Accept yourself – the life is really beautiful 

Accept yourself, yes accept yourself.This world is amazing.It has wide variety of things including people, birds animals, flowers and many more.Everything has its own beauty. All are beautiful in their own way.
But we humans many times become uneasy and uncomfortable with ourselves.We have a tendency to compare us with others.Although we all know that there would be difference in everyone, someone is tall another is short, one is fair another is dusky and dark,some have beautiful smile but some have beautiful eyes and so on.Despite of knowing all the facts and truth about ourselves we compare ourselves with others and try to copy them too. Nothing wrong in making efforts to look beautiful and presentable.I myself think it’s necessary to be looking good and presentable because when we meet anyone it is our looks and presentation that creates our first impression on others but I know many people who have lost their confidence just because they think they are not as good as others.They become depressed on reasons like short height, their complexion,hair or anything.
It’s really good to improve our personality by various means and ways available.But the most important thing is to accept ourself as we are. Once we accept ourselves we can see all the good and positive things in us and looking positive in ourselves surely boost our confidence to stand equally with others.Sometimes it is only us who underestimate ourselves and feel inferior and this happens due to comparing ourselves with others.The best thing we can do to overcome this is to love ourself and try to work on all the good that we find in ourselves. Everyone has some special qualities in them. By working on our positive qualities we can make them plus point and advantages in our personality.Try to improve on the areas which needs to be improved.
But there are certain things that can not be changed in one’s personality. These are physical traits and we must accept them.Our body types, shape,size and colors are different. We must accept ourselves what ever be the type, shape and color.Once we accept ourselves we stop expecting from others to treat us in certain manner.By accepting ourselves and recognizing all good in ourselves we move out with confidence and there will be no inferiority complex. We develop the fact that we are what we are and what are our best qualities and what are we best at.
So look out for all the good in you and try to make it your best. There are ample examples in this world where despite of certain shortcomings and disabilities people have created their mark and got their names written with golden alphabets in history.Yes but with accepting ourself we should also work on the areas of improvisation as we all know that there is always a scope of improvement.
So accept yourself and love yourself. Trust me whenever you start loving yourself you will love the things you want to

because one can not love anything without loving themselves and look around you will find the world beautiful. Once you discover the best in you inferiority complex will run away from you and you will find out that life is really beautiful and you are standing equally with others along with your best.

Being spicy…

We all must be agree that most of the people in the world are living a monotonous life. They follow a same and repeatitive routine.Its true that everyone has certain responsibilities in their own life. They have to work, they have to earn money, they have to make their own family and number of things like that. Many of us while completing these responsibilities forget about ourselves and live a monotonous and boring life. Sometimes we realise it too and plan to do something like going for a trip, watching movie, a get together or dinner which is absolutely fine but not possible everyday.

I believe that a regular food what we eat which is good for health becomes boring despite of its benefits coz our taste buds too don’t mean to taste same again and again and that is why we use different ingredients to change the taste. What happen if someone has to eat sweets all the time? You also agree that he definitely look for something spicy after having lot of sweetness. This is what true with our lives. We also need spices to make our life interesting. We can make our day to day life interesting by following small small things as

Keep smiling.Smile has the power to change one’s opinion towards yourself and it also keep you in a good mood.

Talk to people you love to talk. Take out few mins from your busy schedule. It will make you happy.

Can do healthy flirting. By healthy flirting I mean flirting within limits specially when you are in a relationship. You must know your boundaries.Its good to know that still are you attractive and it also boost your confidence. It also keep your relationship healthy and add a spice in a monotonous busy life. But you should be aware that intent of the flirting should be only creating a positive impact and a positive ambience.

Take out sometime to play with kids or interact with them if you have kids around. Kids have the power to change one’s bad mood with their innocent smile and naughty acts and talks.

Try to explore newer places and things whenever have time. It’s not necessary to go out for a long holiday everytime and it’s practically not possible too.You can visit local places because there is always something to explore in near by places which we generally ignore.

Try to communicate with different people. Sharing of ideas and views also give a relief from monotonous routine.

These are few ways and you can also add what you like to do. Spice is a thing without which anything may be as sweet as honey becomes tasteless. So add some spices in your life and make it taste worthy for yourself. Life is beautiful and must be filled with different colors and spices.

With response to one word prompt : Spicy

Casual affairs
After a long time I am doing journey in a train and while scrolling and reading blogs the word “casual” came in front of me and I am drowning  down into the lake of certain memories. I had been a student who did some part of higher education outside my hometown.I made many friends of mine. There were some acquaintances too. After that I have started doing my job too in the same location.There I met few girls who also came from some other cities and towns. I remember about two three incidences.One girl whom I knew there came from a smaller town of other state. Once she coming via train to the place where we studied. In her journey she met a boy who became very much friendly to her within very lesser time. They have exchanged their contacts and then reached to their destinations. They started talking to each other.She completely fell in love with him. They had few dates too in some other cities.That guy made several promises to her about their future life.She started to live her life in watching those dreams which he was showing to her. After sometime the things changed. He started avoiding her and sometimes abusing her. But she never wanted to leave him and she tried her best to contact him.One day a bitter truth encountered her when his wife talked to her. She was completely shocked. She did not have any idea that the man about whom she is dreaming to be a life partner for her is such a big cheater. She was completely a broken soul now. She kept on crying for whole day long and sometimes we found her lost in some other world. She decided to go back to her home town for sometime and spend her time with her family.By God’ grace and support of her family she became normal within few months and came back. But after one year the same thing happened again. This time she was broken but somehow overcame and now she is a stronger girl. After meeting some more people who suffered from this kind of incidences we discovered that there are men who talk about these kind of affairs and even justify them. For them these are casual affairs that could happen anytime and they know there is no future of these affairs. 

With this I want to say this to every girl to act wise. Please do not trust anyone easily whom you do not know, about whose background you are not aware because our life and emotions are very much precious than these casual affairs and if by any chance this kind of things happened so not let yourself broken, be strong and act wisely because world is full of these kind of fraud people who never hesitate in doing these bloody casual affairs. 

With response to one word prompt : casual

Nature and symphony

A peaceful life needs harmony with nature. I connect myself with nature through symphony that lies 

in the sound of blowing breeze coming via  each and every leaf of a tree. 

in the sound of waves that reach to my ears near sea shore

in the chirping of birds at the time of beautiful sunrise 

in the silence that surrounds me when I talk to myself

in the giggles of children playing around

It lies everywhere I see….

Symphony illustrates the real beautiful music played by nature the need is to just 

Feel it……….. 

With response to one word prompt “symphony “