Casual affairs
After a long time I am doing journey in a train and while scrolling and reading blogs the word “casual” came in front of me and I am drowning  down into the lake of certain memories. I had been a student who did some part of higher education outside my hometown.I made many friends of mine. There were some acquaintances too. After that I have started doing my job too in the same location.There I met few girls who also came from some other cities and towns. I remember about two three incidences.One girl whom I knew there came from a smaller town of other state. Once she coming via train to the place where we studied. In her journey she met a boy who became very much friendly to her within very lesser time. They have exchanged their contacts and then reached to their destinations. They started talking to each other.She completely fell in love with him. They had few dates too in some other cities.That guy made several promises to her about their future life.She started to live her life in watching those dreams which he was showing to her. After sometime the things changed. He started avoiding her and sometimes abusing her. But she never wanted to leave him and she tried her best to contact him.One day a bitter truth encountered her when his wife talked to her. She was completely shocked. She did not have any idea that the man about whom she is dreaming to be a life partner for her is such a big cheater. She was completely a broken soul now. She kept on crying for whole day long and sometimes we found her lost in some other world. She decided to go back to her home town for sometime and spend her time with her family.By God’ grace and support of her family she became normal within few months and came back. But after one year the same thing happened again. This time she was broken but somehow overcame and now she is a stronger girl. After meeting some more people who suffered from this kind of incidences we discovered that there are men who talk about these kind of affairs and even justify them. For them these are casual affairs that could happen anytime and they know there is no future of these affairs. 

With this I want to say this to every girl to act wise. Please do not trust anyone easily whom you do not know, about whose background you are not aware because our life and emotions are very much precious than these casual affairs and if by any chance this kind of things happened so not let yourself broken, be strong and act wisely because world is full of these kind of fraud people who never hesitate in doing these bloody casual affairs. 

With response to one word prompt : casual

8 thoughts on “Casual affairs 

  1. Sharing your learning from experience is really good this will help others to keep them safe from such incidents…. Trust is very important factor dont trust casually

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