Being spicy…

We all must be agree that most of the people in the world are living a monotonous life. They follow a same and repeatitive routine.Its true that everyone has certain responsibilities in their own life. They have to work, they have to earn money, they have to make their own family and number of things like that. Many of us while completing these responsibilities forget about ourselves and live a monotonous and boring life. Sometimes we realise it too and plan to do something like going for a trip, watching movie, a get together or dinner which is absolutely fine but not possible everyday.

I believe that a regular food what we eat which is good for health becomes boring despite of its benefits coz our taste buds too don’t mean to taste same again and again and that is why we use different ingredients to change the taste. What happen if someone has to eat sweets all the time? You also agree that he definitely look for something spicy after having lot of sweetness. This is what true with our lives. We also need spices to make our life interesting. We can make our day to day life interesting by following small small things as

Keep smiling.Smile has the power to change one’s opinion towards yourself and it also keep you in a good mood.

Talk to people you love to talk. Take out few mins from your busy schedule. It will make you happy.

Can do healthy flirting. By healthy flirting I mean flirting within limits specially when you are in a relationship. You must know your boundaries.Its good to know that still are you attractive and it also boost your confidence. It also keep your relationship healthy and add a spice in a monotonous busy life. But you should be aware that intent of the flirting should be only creating a positive impact and a positive ambience.

Take out sometime to play with kids or interact with them if you have kids around. Kids have the power to change one’s bad mood with their innocent smile and naughty acts and talks.

Try to explore newer places and things whenever have time. It’s not necessary to go out for a long holiday everytime and it’s practically not possible too.You can visit local places because there is always something to explore in near by places which we generally ignore.

Try to communicate with different people. Sharing of ideas and views also give a relief from monotonous routine.

These are few ways and you can also add what you like to do. Spice is a thing without which anything may be as sweet as honey becomes tasteless. So add some spices in your life and make it taste worthy for yourself. Life is beautiful and must be filled with different colors and spices.

With response to one word prompt : Spicy

16 thoughts on “Being spicy… 

  1. Very beautifully conveyed all your ideas and I believe these ideas can definitely add some spice in one’s life.

  2. You gave again a great defination of another word by relating it with daily life. The way it was drafted is awesome. Great work Richa u are a Gem

  3. As soon as I saw term ‘monotonous’ I just quickly wanted to finish reading what you actually wrote for countering this sombre-in-nature adjective and if you had suggested an idea which I could opt to introduce tint and tones of livelihood in my ‘monotonous’ life. No wonder you summed up all the possible measures to make one exuberant in routine schedule. One observation that one gets busy in life & decides to carry forward with a ‘monotonous’ life to earn money for the one’s dependants and to meet the necessary requirements in life is outstanding. But not many get time or chance due to all of things said above to deviate themselves off the boring schedule they follow day and night. Many ideas you referred here are just as awesome as a sunny day after a worst of tempest. I personally jump in conversation with many while on the way to office, inside the escalator, while stopping in the traffic on the red light and trust me it’s quite fun. You just keep being a better you leaving a first and last meeting so happily. It’s somehow takes you out of that ‘monotonous’ feel. Keeping a jolly, humour filled talkative mood too makes you satiate the aura around you with more of life. Another spicy yet sweet & salty composition by you.
    Awaiting more. :))

    1. I’m happy after knowing the ways that u follow to b happy. It’s really a wonderful idea to talk with people on the way. Thanks for reading, appreciating and motivating. Always wait for your comments.

      1. Your words mean a lot. I’ll be here as soon as you pen down another new article. 😁

  4. These are wonderful suggestions for putting more “spice” into our lifestyles just as some people do with their food (I’m not a spicy food person but could add some hot pepper to my lifestyle sometimes hehe!) xx

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