Accept yourself – the life is really beautiful 

Accept yourself, yes accept yourself.This world is amazing.It has wide variety of things including people, birds animals, flowers and many more.Everything has its own beauty. All are beautiful in their own way.
But we humans many times become uneasy and uncomfortable with ourselves.We have a tendency to compare us with others.Although we all know that there would be difference in everyone, someone is tall another is short, one is fair another is dusky and dark,some have beautiful smile but some have beautiful eyes and so on.Despite of knowing all the facts and truth about ourselves we compare ourselves with others and try to copy them too. Nothing wrong in making efforts to look beautiful and presentable.I myself think it’s necessary to be looking good and presentable because when we meet anyone it is our looks and presentation that creates our first impression on others but I know many people who have lost their confidence just because they think they are not as good as others.They become depressed on reasons like short height, their complexion,hair or anything.
It’s really good to improve our personality by various means and ways available.But the most important thing is to accept ourself as we are. Once we accept ourselves we can see all the good and positive things in us and looking positive in ourselves surely boost our confidence to stand equally with others.Sometimes it is only us who underestimate ourselves and feel inferior and this happens due to comparing ourselves with others.The best thing we can do to overcome this is to love ourself and try to work on all the good that we find in ourselves. Everyone has some special qualities in them. By working on our positive qualities we can make them plus point and advantages in our personality.Try to improve on the areas which needs to be improved.
But there are certain things that can not be changed in one’s personality. These are physical traits and we must accept them.Our body types, shape,size and colors are different. We must accept ourselves what ever be the type, shape and color.Once we accept ourselves we stop expecting from others to treat us in certain manner.By accepting ourselves and recognizing all good in ourselves we move out with confidence and there will be no inferiority complex. We develop the fact that we are what we are and what are our best qualities and what are we best at.
So look out for all the good in you and try to make it your best. There are ample examples in this world where despite of certain shortcomings and disabilities people have created their mark and got their names written with golden alphabets in history.Yes but with accepting ourself we should also work on the areas of improvisation as we all know that there is always a scope of improvement.
So accept yourself and love yourself. Trust me whenever you start loving yourself you will love the things you want to

because one can not love anything without loving themselves and look around you will find the world beautiful. Once you discover the best in you inferiority complex will run away from you and you will find out that life is really beautiful and you are standing equally with others along with your best.

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