Be confident …..

Confidence as we all know is one of the thing that all people don’t have. In fact there may be one thing or many in almost everyone’s life while performing it they lack confidence. Despite knowing the fact that confidence is a thing that really gives strength to perform any task and to overcome any difficult situation. We ourselves in our life witness that due to some fear or lack of confidence people hesitate in learning new things. They show reluctance in accepting change that sometimes become mandatory to accept. Even there are small small things like riding,driving, going alone and certain things many people can not do or don’t want to do only due to lack of confidence .Many from these things can be done or managed by opting some other ways rather performing these tasks themselves people can make some other to do it for them

But there are many things that we need to do ourselves. For the tasks need to be performed on our own confidence is must.But confidence is a thing that can’t be develop instantly. We can observe it easily. when we use to perform a task on daily basis we become perfect and become confident about it. A confident person look entirely different from others. Confidence itself reveals from one’s persona who is really confident. Body language and facial expression of a confident person help him/her getting distinguished from others and making their presence felt everywhere.

As I said earlier that confidence develops gradually. It’s not a thing developed overnight. So if you have any fear or hesitate in doing anything don’t be tensed because everyone has somefear or the other but the need is to overcome it.

Doing continuous efforts and practice make us better and better in a thing and make us confident. Once our confidence is developed we feel confidence in expressing ourselves which is very necessary and your persona become impressive and eye catching. So don’t wait for anything or any miracle try to develop your confidence.Once you put your step out from your comfort zone confidently you find a place for yourself in the crowd where your presence will be marked and felt.So develop your confidence to make your personality a positive one.

A run for crumb

A very busy schedule, a hustle to run and pick up the very very things necessary for life.With every new morning a city Wakes up and different sounds and noises of vehicle start coming in one’s ear. People are running from here and there.Everyone wants to reach their destination as soon as possible and they might don’t mind pushing people, arguing and quarreling for things like giving place to move on the roads, in the stations, in picking up the trains and so on. This city always keep on moving.

For what are these people running? What is the reason they don’t even hesitate to fight, scold and pushing each other just a simple answer for a crumb. Every one is running to earn for their bread and butter, providing a good life to family and kids.In running for crumb of bread they really sometimes forget about themselves. They forget what they really want, what is their happiness but despite of everything life moves on.

All of them doing it for a purpose,a good purpose that make us believe that there lies a good person inside every running body who is arguing, fighting and trying to make their place. These people themselves find out ways and reasons to be happy in some moments and smaller things. A bread crumb for life make everyone to run.

With response to one word prompt : Crumb

Speak for yourself 

Speak for yourself and learn to say no to the things you really don’t want to do.Once I said this to someone and she asked what’s the need to speak for yourself and why to say no to anyone, can we not make someone happy by saying yes? Here is my reply

We are living in a society which have people with different mindsets and different backgrounds whether in terms of family, literacy, upbringing or anything. They have their own way of thinking and take different things with their own perspective. Even our families have family members coming from some other families as well like our mother comes from a different background that of our father’s is.We all think differently and some people make prejudices about some people. Sometimes due to circumstances a situation arrives it may be at home ,working place or anywhere where you think you are absolutely correct but others think you are wrong.There are different ways in which different people face these situations.Some people wait for other people who are associated with them that they will come and speak in support whereas some do not speak and accept the wrong thing but there are some people who stand for themselves, speak for themselves and justify their position and this is the best way of dealing with the things. Why to become guilty conscious about anything we are not guilty of or why to let others misinterpret ourselves when we can justify our position.We could not get independence if our leaders have not stood up for their right to be independent.So whether it is a working place, a school, a college or a family where you feel not getting justified in certain situations stand up for yourself and speak and try to convey what you really want to.Do not wait for others to come and support you. If we can not speak for ourselves no one else can. We are the one who really know about our own circumstances and situations we are facing. So we are the one who can better define ourselves. Don’t let others to misinform someone about you.

Another thing is to learn to say NO to the things which we really don’t want to do. We think by saying yes to the things which we don’t want to do we can make others happy. It is not correct. Anything done half heartedly can not make anyone happy neither the other person nor you. Sometimes we also fell in trouble due to habit of pleasing others by not saying no to anything. Due to this some people take us for granted and expect anything from us and if later on we say no to anything it affect our relationship. So it’s better to say no to the things we don’t want to do. Why to take burden of the things which we really don’t want to do?

By this all I want to say is to always speak that is true for you and stand for the wrong if it is happening to you. If you do a mistake then accept and try not to repeat but if there is a situation where you are not taken correctly and your situation and action remain unjustified then stand for yourself and speak what you have to say. Don’t give yourself a chance to regret that I was right but why I could not speak. Do not hesitate. Similar is with the case of developing a habit to say no to the things you really do not want to do.

Once you are sure about when to say no to the things you don’t want and when you have to speak for yourself life will become easy and smooth. You would not have to regret for the things which you don’t want to do or where you have not speak for yourself. You will be confident and more happy.

Life continues…


Once a day passes night come and then again a beautiful day after that night and the whole sequence continue long lasting.This never ending sequence of continuation is also associated with lives.Many incidences happen in one’s life.We all witness failure, success,sorrow,joy,anger,love and so on.Our society witnesses a lot of thing as celebration, riots, terrorist attacks, natural calamities and number of things. The one thing to be noticed is that despite of the things that creates sadness, anger and sometimes even loss of lives too could not stop one thing that is life. With all these negative happened life goes on and on.We find out moments of joy, love, togetherness, happiness and celebration. There is something that motivates to move and work towards our goal to achieve success that is positivity and we find reasons to love our lives.And we can surely say that life is beautiful and we must continue to love our lives and live it to the fullest coz life is beautiful and despite of anything it continues…. 

With response to one word prompt : continue