Gratitude -A Magic

Gratitude is a word that really bring joy with it. This word really creates magic.When anyone doing good to us and whenever we feel that we are getting benefited from some person or anything we must express our gratitude towards them because whenever we express our gratitude we feel lighter and happier and it also bring smile to other person’s face. This is not necessary that every time when someone did anything for you he or she expect you to thank them in return but when you say thanks in return it first give ourselves a sense of relief and happiness. It also help in boosting the bond between people because whenever we say thanks or express our gratitude for someone in return to their good deed they feel a sense of recognition to their good work and ultimately it helps in creating healthy relations.

Whenever I feel depressed due to any circumstances I first start counting all the things that I have in my life and once I start doing it the depression automatically goes away and ultimately I become thankful to all the blessings that I have in my life.

Trust me gratitude creates magic in our lives.Feel the magic…..

With response to one word prompt : Gratitude

Digitalization, Medical world and the Medicus App

Digitalization and Medical world

It’s a newer world. A world full of newer technologies.Truly a digital world.Day to day we witness the integration of digital technologies in to everyday life.None of the sector or industry remain untouched with this digitalization.

Digitalization evolved number of trends in various sectors and medical industry is also witnessing change in practices being followed from a longer time. These wide variety of digital changes have revolutionized the Healthcare industry and these changes are here to stay now.

Reliability of doctors on Medical Representatives

A prolonged practice of dependability of doctors on medical representatives has been witnessed over a number of years but the ubiquity of digitalization and new technologies have created a demand of newer platforms. This prevailing practice cannot go in long run. It is the need of the hour to have such platforms for doctors and Pharma Companies which act as a point of direct interaction for them.

Why Medicus

This ubiquity and inevitalability of digitalization in medical world has created a demand and an inspiration to find out various ways of communication and sharing of new and existing product range on a viable platform.Medical professionals and Pharma Companies are experiencing a new wave of competing challenges and time management as a part of what could be called a digital medical world.

To cope up with these challenges we have come up with a new digitalized 24*7 Medicus app that enable to give a technological platform for doctors as well as pharma Companies. We have given a common platform to doctors, pharma Companies and distributors to come together on a single platform and a better way of communication about the current trends newer technologies, information and the requirements with each other

Beneficial for doctors

Medicus app provides a platform for doctors where they can directly contact a pharma company or a distributor. It gives them a place where they can find out a wide variety of different medicines and can compare their rates.It is very difficult for the doctors to take out time from their busy schedule to meet medical representatives .Both the doctors and patients suffer as many times doctors have to attend medical representatives while attending the patients . Another benefit of medicus app to doctors is that they can share their problems and queries with other expert doctors also. It provides them with a platform to share their knowledge ,their practices and new researches happening in the medical world .Doctors can get a platform to be in touch with patients directly on the app. with the help of webinars and seminars feature provided on the app doctors can attend the conference without being physically present there .They can also post their own conferences and seminars where they have taken part. Doctors can find out all these things in on a single platform with the help of Medcus app.

Beneficial for Pharma Companies and manufacturers distributors

As it is beneficial for doctors so as for Pharmaceutical companies. These companies can directly have communication with doctors and can take their feedback as well. It can also help them in business growth and a reach to wider space.

So medical professionals get ready for the change and be a part of digital world.