Amongst the things around

I only demanded a bit….

Trying to understand many and

Using my wit…..

From the spilled moments and lit

I tried many beautiful relations to knit…….

In response to one word prompt : knit

When woman succeed

Gender equality – at this particular point of time in this world most of us are of the view that there should be no discrimination among male and female.Everyone is talking about gender equality but the reality is that many of them has not accepted this fact from inside. I am saying this because I have heard ,I have read at many places and many incidences about it.when a woman make her presence felt in the society, achieve something or attain good position in an organisation or entity or maybe in a political party , many people including female ask questions or whisper slowly that how can she achieve something , how has she achieved so much in a short span of time, how is this possible? Even they give arguments like she must have compromised at some point of time or the other.They talk about different kind of compromises about it.They really do not accept that a woman has achieved everything just coz of her hard work and dedication. My question and answer to all those who raise this kind of issues about a woman’s success .
Is she equally capable to do all the tasks like man?

I am not the only one to give answer of this question despite many of the women who have achieved a lot and who are working in different fields have already proved that they can do each and everything what ever a man can do.

She easily gets promotion because she is a female?

There is nothing like that.They also need to work hard,give result and achieve targets like others but the fact is that people do not accept it easily and try to give an argument of her being a female and getting easily promoted.

Without any compromise can she achieve such a renowned position?

Yes,definitely a woman can achieve anything without making compromises.It is not necessary that a woman make compromises and get things easily in their profession. Woman who have achieved higher positions are those who already proved their intelligence, hard work and dedication towards their profession.They are very much passionate about their work and deliver their best because none of the organisation want to give higher position to someone who has not proved herself among others.

Indeed many times when a female step out of her home and try to make her place in her profession she has to deal with many situations where many of the people try to harrass or take her advantage. It’s really challenging to deal with such kind of people and incidences and then keep herself safe as well as secure.Its not always easy for a woman.So her success really deserve equal respect that of a man.

Either woman manages their personal, professional and social life in a better way.

Despite of the negative mentality of the people about the success of a woman reality is that really women makes several sacrifices and do hard work in our society.Women are taking dual responsibilities on their shoulders. They are taking care of their family life, kids and home equally as they do with their professional life.They give most of the time to their profession and family rather than they give to themselves this is the one sacrifice they really make.We must respect a woman and her success and do not try to find out the reasons behind her success not all the successful women are successful in their life just because they are women they really have proved themselves and made their place in this society and world.

The need is to change our own mentality and mindset towards woman and change our perception.People must not try to be judgemental about her. The change won’t come by talking about gender equality instead change will come when we see both males and females from same point of view and perspective.