Recognition matters

Oohh wow she got recognised for her social work…… He is recognised for his performance at work place and going to be rewarded for that.

We use to hear these kind of things many times around us.Everyone is working some way or the other but why only few recognised ? If you are sincere and honest with your work than what is the need of recognition through awards or rewards? Does recognition matters?If yes what we have to do for it?Are People doing ordinary work can be motivated and feel recognised?

Only few recognised. Yes it happens because without doing something exceptional it’s hard to be recognized so they must be doing something special but his is also true that there are many people who are really doing good in different field but don’t get recognized for a long time. There are many whose work got recognised even after their deaths.

Does recognition matters? Definitely it matters. When anybody’s work get recognized it motivates them to do more . It always motivates positively. Recognition gives someone an identity which they really want. Recognition through rewarding act as a catalyst. When people rewarded for their work they really try to sustain it. Ultimately it create positive vibes and make people work harder.

But there are many around us whose contribution and work never get recognised.I will exemplify it with a very common scenario in our society. Working women most of the time get recognition in society.Their family members, relatives as well as acquaintances recognize their hard work. They say that she is working hard, managing home as well as job. This kind of recognition also matters but on the other hand there are some females who dedicates all their efforts and time in taking care of their family, kids and elderly people at home but hardly people recognize their work and appreciate them.Is their work has no importance? Similar is the case with many males too. They try to do best in their capacities and circumstances but their efforts also never get recognition. These people also need motivation.

What we can do in it?We can do a lot in this. Whom so ever we see working hard and well in their capacities should be appreciated time to time. We must praise their work and effort in front of family members and friends.We must let them know that their contribution is important and matters a lot.This kind if appreciation boost their moral and they get themselves recognised with their work and efforts and feel their own identity. If we can do than we must do it because we also need recognition and Recognition really matters.