Treat a word that can be used in many references. Here from my own perspective I am watching this as a word which means the way of behaving by one person to another. There are many instances and my own experiences make me to extract this meaning and write about it.

Every relationship demands a certain behaviour from an individual. None of the relationship in the world is exceptional.We observe it everywhere. It is expected from elders to be kind and loving and from younger ones respect and care. Love care and help from a friend. Love, devotion, resposibilty and care from life partner. Likewise in any relationship.

But what is expected do not happen every time and every place. I have witnessed the people who actually deserve something but don’t get. People sometimes become greedy, arrogant, proudy, selfish and rude. They don’t treat other persons the way they should treat them. But I have also noticed that these same people become very upset when someone else treat them in the same way they treat others .

I only want to say everything lies in the words deserve and desire. The way we feel to be treated by anyone or we think we deserved to be treated in a certain manner is not possible until unless we treat people in the way we want to get treated. So when we desire to be treated well from someone we must deserve it and it will only happen when we treat others in a right way.

So treat everyone with courtesy. Give them their due respect, love and care then only people treat us the way we want.

In response to one word prompt # Treat