Permission is a word that is related with everyone. Everyone from us sometimes give permission to some one for something or seek permission from someone to do something.

Hereby I want to throw some light on an individual’s right to permit. Many things happen in our lives.Many persons come personally and professionally and they all influence our lives in a certain way.At many instances we feel that many people cross their limits to interfere in an individual’s life both professionally and personally. They move beyond the circumference that lies for them. There always lies a thin margin for interference in someone’s life. Many people forget that and cross it.

We must be aware about that thin line that we have drawn around us and should not permit anybody to cross that. We even need our own space in our personal relationships too. We must be dare enough and not permit anyone to take us granted to interfere or comment on our personality and personal issues. This thing lies in our own hands.

So beware and do not permit anyone to cross their limits….

With response to one word prompt – Permit..

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