Don’t forget yourself in crowd……

I, me, myself are the words which many times taken wrongly by people. People interpret these words like proud, arrogance and selfishness but this is not true with every perspective. Meaning of these words also change with different situations and circumstances.

Every time when we stepped out of our place we find ourselves surrounded with lots of people around. Every one is running towards their destination. While following our daily routine many times we feel ourself a part of the crowd. A crowd that is moving towards different destinations for their own purposes. Many times I felt like me too is going for my own purpose just like others in the crowd. But as much as I consider myself one from the crowd my own identity Start to becoming blur.Then one day I realised that I am me and I have my own existence. I have my own thoughts and choices . My destination is different from others.

Everyone is running a race for their livelihood.We witness it every morning, people start to run just for their livelihood. Running for bread and butter.When we move out of a place every time we become a part of the same crowd and ultimately this become part of almost everybody’s life.They follow a same routine.While following this routine everyday we develop a habit and we used to do all chores in the same manner and we feel a recognition with the crowd but many of us forget ourself in this daily up and down we stop self realising ourselves.

Yes,I agree it is a necessity to do this up and down for livelihood but we must take out time for ourself. It can be 10 minutes to 1 hour.Just think about yourself ,listen to your heart and try to take out time for the things that you really want to do in your life.There are ample things which give us immense pleasure and satisfaction. To do all our daily tasks we need to be satisfied and happy and this is only possible when we take out time for us. This is the only way by which we can be happy and satisfied .

Every time whenever we do what we want those things help us in identifying ourselves and give a self satisfaction.

So must take out time from your busy schedule and talk to yourself and do the things you really want and ultimately we recognise ourself among the crowd.

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