Compromise is something that can’t be removed from our lives. We all compromised to some situations or circumstances in our lives.Sometimes these compromises make us sad and sometimes these compromises make us happy.

Here I will only talk about those compromises which make us happy. A good compromise is that when a mother or wife cooks something for you that you really don’t like but you eat it happily to make them happy.

If you don’t want to accompany your partner, family or friends to watch some movie but you do just to make them happy.

A married couple in which both come from different backgrounds and don’t agree with each other on several things yet make many compromises and accept each other and spent whole life is one of the best compromise that keep two people together who really love each other.

Likewise many instances where parents compromise to make their kids happy and sometimes children to make their parents happy.

Some compromises are really good which make our friends and family happy therefore we should not hesitate in compromising for these small small things😊

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