That passionate touch

And frenzied look into eyes

That warmth of your breathe

And hidden desires beneath

Won’t let me go away from you

Although I tried to be dramatic

But only the love won between you and me

that was frantic……..

In response to one word prompt #Frantic


An ordinary life where everyone is seeking for a good earning, marriage a family and little fun but in the routine course of life and among the assidousness to achieve all this normally people forget about themselves. They are so much involved in their routine life that they forget actually to enjoy.

We human beings have tendency to focus on things which we don’t have and in trying to attain all those things we really do not even think about the things we have already achieved and are we really enjoying them as we wanted to do before actually having those.

Similarly ups and downs are a part of one’s life. Sometimes we have good time and sometimes we have to struggle more than actually needed or we can say bad times and in such situations many of us overlook our achievements and the things that are already there to make us happy.

If bad time comes after good one then definitely we will have good time again. We should accept the fact that these ups and downs are part of our life .We encounter with our strength and weaknesses about which we were really not aware. Believe me monotonous life is boring one.

Whatever be the scenario we must make out from little little moments that make us happy. We should not miss a chance to enjoy whatever be the circumstances. This really keeps us alive and give strength to fight against odds and stand firm in every situation.

We have ample examples around where in we see many athletes in paraolympics living their dream. They are living their dreams despite of all Odds.Despite of several lacunae many scientists, successful industrialist, sportsperson and many working in different fields of art, economics, social work, politics or businesses have made their mark in the world and world is saluting them.

We all have something in us and the need is to find it. On one hand we have some worries in life on the other life offers hundreds of reason to smile everyday. A child’s innocent smile, our near dear one’s love and care as well as our accomplishments and achievements all give us chance to be happy.

Life is ready to welcome us with open arms it’s up to us how much we make out of it. So leave all worries. If have some tensions and problems work to find out their solutions but don’t forget to celebrate what you have. Always say yes to life. 😊

#CuttingPani (Save Water)

A train compartment full of ladies. All the passengers were travelling locally through that train. All these females used to travel for the purpose of job. These trains have fix destination. Till the time when final stop comes in the evening hours only few remain in that compartment. One evening (that’s almost 9:15PM) train was about to reach destination but due to some technical issues it stopped few miles before the destination. One old lady fainted down and as it was the last station few lady passengers were there. Every one searched for water in their water bottles but could not find. A girl had little water left with her then gave water to that old lady and after that she felt better. The girl told that she was about to through that little remained water as her destination was about to come. All of the females then realised the value of that little water.

We use to witness in day to day life that people many times take water fully in a glass and drink little and the whole remaining water gets waste.Kids at home also do it many times. With above mentioned incident we must learn to value natural resources like water. We teach kids from beginning not to waste water but take that much water only as much they require. If we grow these habits from childhood then only we can save water for their future. All grown ups should also think about it and stop wasting water.

Water is life.

A wonderful campaign to save water #CuttungPani

You can also be a part if it


Faces full of wrinkles, hair turned out to be grey or white and a shivering body.All these can’t be attained in one shot. Whenever I see these faces of old people around us I can feel their journey from an infant to an old grown up person.

A person who has seen all the phases in life from a beginner to a successful man, from a beautiful young lady to an old grandmother and so many .May be all of us might be going through any of these phases they have already gone through.

By watching them I always feel that this is one of the biggest truth of life. We all have to gain our own experiences .We have to go through the phase from a beginner to a successful person. We are witnessing and have to witness the moments of happiness as well as sadness and at last after going through all this we will also become an old person with wrinkles on our body.

At last I want to convey two important things. One is to respect them as they have gone through everything from which we are going through now and they have worked hard and sacrificed lot of things for us. So along with excepting the fact that we all have to grow old at some day or the other must take care of them. Give them their due respect ,love, attention and care.

And the most important thing is to enjoy every moment of life.Do all what have you dreamt of. Do not wait for a perfect moment or time to come. Try to make every moment perfect. Be lively, full of life and live to the fullest as we know one day we can have almost every thing for which we worked hard but we do not have that much physical strength as we have now. Do do not wait for a moment to be happy. Make every moment of life happy so that have a satisfaction along with wrinkles, not any regret for not trying anything worthy which we wanted to do or for being unhappy in those moments where we can be happy. 😊

With response to one word prompt :wrinkle

International Women’s Day: Women inspire

Happy Women’s Day to all lovely ladies. On this occasion of International Women’s Day I would like to talk about all the women who inspire me in many aspects as well as about the women’s condition in our society.Although from last few decades our society and people have become much aware about women’s right and their role towards the development of a civilised Society but we cannot turn our face towards the reality where in we still need to educate people to save daughter ,to educate daughter. What I believe is importance to be given to gender equality rather than talking about the rights on the basis of gender biasness. Until unless people won’t believe in real gender equality the circumstances won’t change.On this occasion of International Women’s Day I would like to talk about all the women who inspire me everytime I see them and come to know about them.

We have many females in our society who have made their presence felt.In corporates we have Indra Nooyi , Chanda kochhar, Shikha Sharma, Vinita Bali and many more who have made their place in corporate and Business world and proved themselves.Women like Nirmala Sitharaman, Smriti Irani ,Sushma Swaraj are women of standing so far as politics of our country is concerned. Malini Agarwal, Kalli Purie, Ekta Kapoor and some others too made a mark in media. They all inspire me and many females like me in our society.

I am equally inspired by every women who believe in self dependency and want to contribute in some way or the other. I am also inspired by women who devote their valuable time in taking care of their family and upbringing of their kids. This is also an important task to be taken. I am also inspired by women whom I saw many times selling bangles, earings , eatables or toys in running trains. Those who equally work with men at construction sites. They are no less than anyone. They are dependent on themselves and even taking care of their family and kids along. They are earning and working in full capacity along with men shoulder to shoulder.

I am inspired with all the women who have made their mark in Defence services, Administrative and police services.

We are living in a society where we worship Goddesses as Shakti, Lakshmi and Saraswati. We have been taught to respect everyone equally but still there are many in our society who need not to be biased on gender basis. Still we are witnessing physical assault, mental harassment, sexual exploitation,female foeticide and other crimes towards women in our society.

I wish along with worshipping goddesses people in real start treating women equally and not only treat they must be taught that men and women are equal and important.This won’t happen till every woman treat herself equally and feel herself to be important because if we don’t treat ourself well in priority we give a chance to others to treat us secondary.Be proud and love yourself to be a Woman.

Happy Women’s Day. 😊