Faces full of wrinkles, hair turned out to be grey or white and a shivering body.All these can’t be attained in one shot. Whenever I see these faces of old people around us I can feel their journey from an infant to an old grown up person.

A person who has seen all the phases in life from a beginner to a successful man, from a beautiful young lady to an old grandmother and so many .May be all of us might be going through any of these phases they have already gone through.

By watching them I always feel that this is one of the biggest truth of life. We all have to gain our own experiences .We have to go through the phase from a beginner to a successful person. We are witnessing and have to witness the moments of happiness as well as sadness and at last after going through all this we will also become an old person with wrinkles on our body.

At last I want to convey two important things. One is to respect them as they have gone through everything from which we are going through now and they have worked hard and sacrificed lot of things for us. So along with excepting the fact that we all have to grow old at some day or the other must take care of them. Give them their due respect ,love, attention and care.

And the most important thing is to enjoy every moment of life.Do all what have you dreamt of. Do not wait for a perfect moment or time to come. Try to make every moment perfect. Be lively, full of life and live to the fullest as we know one day we can have almost every thing for which we worked hard but we do not have that much physical strength as we have now. Do do not wait for a moment to be happy. Make every moment of life happy so that have a satisfaction along with wrinkles, not any regret for not trying anything worthy which we wanted to do or for being unhappy in those moments where we can be happy. 😊

With response to one word prompt :wrinkle

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