An ordinary life where everyone is seeking for a good earning, marriage a family and little fun but in the routine course of life and among the assidousness to achieve all this normally people forget about themselves. They are so much involved in their routine life that they forget actually to enjoy.

We human beings have tendency to focus on things which we don’t have and in trying to attain all those things we really do not even think about the things we have already achieved and are we really enjoying them as we wanted to do before actually having those.

Similarly ups and downs are a part of one’s life. Sometimes we have good time and sometimes we have to struggle more than actually needed or we can say bad times and in such situations many of us overlook our achievements and the things that are already there to make us happy.

If bad time comes after good one then definitely we will have good time again. We should accept the fact that these ups and downs are part of our life .We encounter with our strength and weaknesses about which we were really not aware. Believe me monotonous life is boring one.

Whatever be the scenario we must make out from little little moments that make us happy. We should not miss a chance to enjoy whatever be the circumstances. This really keeps us alive and give strength to fight against odds and stand firm in every situation.

We have ample examples around where in we see many athletes in paraolympics living their dream. They are living their dreams despite of all Odds.Despite of several lacunae many scientists, successful industrialist, sportsperson and many working in different fields of art, economics, social work, politics or businesses have made their mark in the world and world is saluting them.

We all have something in us and the need is to find it. On one hand we have some worries in life on the other life offers hundreds of reason to smile everyday. A child’s innocent smile, our near dear one’s love and care as well as our accomplishments and achievements all give us chance to be happy.

Life is ready to welcome us with open arms it’s up to us how much we make out of it. So leave all worries. If have some tensions and problems work to find out their solutions but don’t forget to celebrate what you have. Always say yes to life. 😊

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