My favorite selfie….

An ordinary day, almost followed regular routine. A tiring day after loads of work whike lying on bed at night realised not everything well. Why is my body shivering? Why there is such bodyache I am feeling. After sometime didn’t know how I slept. Next morning when opened my eyes found myself in high fever. Took medicine and rest but till evening it’s back. Went to doctor and took medicines prescribed from him. But very next day realising something on my face which was getting spread by time.

Finally come to know that I am suffering from chicken pox. Yes chicken pox 😣.

Can’t forget those days of itching and burning with high fever. Face full of chicken pox. Finally after its tenure I was started recovering but it left many scars.

Although I was a selfie freaky and was in habit of taking selfies anytime but this time it was a different selfie experience. And finally almost after a month when took selfie with lesser scars is the one that gave me immense satisfaction and lot of happiness and it became my favorite selfie….