Balancing Personal and Professional life…..

These days it seems to be hard to separate professional life from personal. Assidousness, pressure at work place and responsibilities at home altogether make our lives tough. Many of us get so much indulged in our jobs and responsibilities that we can’t realise that it is really affecting our lives and closed ones too. We can deal with these kinda situations :

Office Assignments

Try not to bring office work at home. Do agree ,umpteen times it happen that some specific tasks, assignments and projects need to be worked upon day and night. Except really utmost important tasks that can’t be leave don’t try to bring anything else at home and mash up the work with your personal life.


In day to day life many incidences happen at work place. It may be any arguement , disapproval of any idea by the senior or anything.You are not supposed to take all that in the mind along and remain tensed even after leaving the office till reaching home. In such situations when you take all these kinds of things with you at home you can not actually look at the things you should. Your family and you yourself need your own time. Better to leave such things there only.

Office Politics/ Groupism

If you really facing corporate politics or groupism in your organisation which keeps you tense or irritating then the most important thing is trying to cope up with the situation. You can build connections, stay away from gossip, aware about your competitor who is involved in politics, don’t hesitate in talking about your achievements and accomplishments. Be assertive at times.

Always take out Me Time

Once you stepped out of your work place then start your taking it as your me time as well as family time. Enjoy spending time with Parents, kids, spouse and friends. In these personal moments forget about all your worries and tensions related to work place. And last but not the least in fact most important is me time because if we really take out time for grooming, pampering and taking care of ourselves then only we can take care of our work and families. For self assessment, self realisation and self improvement we must take out time.


Never underestimate your talent or ignore your hobbies. When we really wanna get satisfaction and peace we should be embraced with something that we really like or passionate about. So take out time for your hobbies too.

Meditation / Yoga or Work outs

Although we all remain very much occupied with our work and responsibilities but a healthy mind and body would definitely help us to perform better. So try to take out time from minimum 10 mins to half an hour for meditation / yoga or any work out you like.

Hope all the above mentioned things would help to cope up with certain unpleasant things and help in maintaining a balance between personal and professional life.

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