Don’t give up

We all have so many desires and aspirations. But along with them we have a goal where we really wanna reach. We are passionate about it. Does everyone reach there?

No, not all but many. Why? Because circumstances are always not in favour. Sometimes the passion for achieving the goal is temporary or short time. Some of us really don’t know what we actually want and get influenced from different things time to time. Lack of consistency doesn’t let us reach anywhere. So one of the most important thing is to find out what’s our actual passion is.

In other cases some could not reach their goal because they can not cope up with unfavourable situations that may arise in the way. They are those who give up easily and instead of following passion for long time they compromise with situations. Some really want to but due to many reasons like poverty, lack of support from family and friends and responsibilities can not go far behind their passion.

But the real heroes about whom we get lot of examples at academics or some other point of life are the ones who never gave up. They didn’t stop following their passion in many odd situations. They turned all the unfavourable circumstances into their favour. They come from different backgrounds. Some from rich background other from poor.Some of them are physically challenged too.

They are those who never give up. Doesn’t matter how hard it is, how long would it take because many great people have got recognition for their work and contribution in later age. So, stop thinking about all those things that make you weak. Try to find out ways for coming over all odds. Never stop following your passion because sincere efforts and dedication give results may be sooner or later. Follow your passion and never give up whatever be the circumstances. Surpass all the odds and reach your destination. 😊