An unplanned trip to enjoy Solitude #TheBlindList (Blind date with the world)

Following daily routine, living a monotonous life I really needed a break. These little breaks that we take while performing our daily tasks and living a routine life really help us to rejuvenate and restart it again with more energy and enthusiasm. So with the desire of taking a break I decided to pack my bags and go for a blind date with the world , a date in which I had #TheBlindList of adventures that I always wanted to do . I believed that by following #TheBlindList I will definitely enjoy my blind date and would be ready to #SayYesToTheWorld.

I really did not know exactly where I have to go but one thing I was sure of that I want to go very close to the nature. I really wanted to feel myself.I needed peace and wanted to talk with myself in the lap of nature and then my journey Began….

I decided to first explore the north and feel the nature. As soon as I left for my blind date I started feeling energetic and happy.After few hours of travelling I reached my destination. I had decided to stay at a place where everything must be close to nature . So I stayed in a resort that was constructed in a way that everything seemed to be natural. The Cottage in which I stayed had a river side view which was immensely beautiful to watch from my window. I could watch small river body , beautiful birds and trees. Anyone can enjoy the Solitude there.

After getting relaxed and enjoying the natural view of resort I decided to move out and explore the place. I have always been fond of going to hill and watch lots of cloud. Beautiful clouds and the view from mountain itself speak about the beauty of nature. How beautiful everything was! Nature has given us everything in its most beautiful form – untouched , beautiful and elegant.

So I reached on top of a hill and enjoyed the beautiful scenic view from there. Small valleys, floating clouds, fog and moisture everything was so wonderful. I decided to sit for sometime and enjoy that beautiful painting portrayed by nature. While sitting there calmly I thoroughly enjoyed my solitude.

Very next day I decided to explore local areas and their culture. I did some Street shopping and seen the beautiful dresses that people used to wear in that climate. I got a chance to talk with some people there and understand their culture, practices, food habits and difficulties like how they have adapted to live in cold climate and mountains. Then I decided to watch some cultural programs there and I myself got dressed up in their traditional attire and learnt their folk dance.It was one of the day when I felt like looking prettier to myself. Such an awesome experience it was.

After coming back from there I decided to take natural Spa therapy available in my resort.My whole body and mind got relaxed.Next day I had to go back to my place and start my work again with double energy and enthusiasm.I must say after taking a short break from monotonous life and feeling the beauty ,serenity and divinity of the nature #TheBlindList got enlarged. Now I have decided to complete #TheBlindList. I will continue to go on blind dates with the world time to time because there is a lot to see and explore in the world.It is such a wonderful experience to go on a blind date with the world. Now I can #Say YesToTheWorld.

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