Happiness rely on attitude …

Everyone from us want to be happy. No one in the world want to choose sadness over happiness. But it’s also one of the bitter truth of the world that not everyone in this world is happy.

Sufferings and struggle are unavoidable part of our lives. Behind smiling faces too, problem and suffering lies but one thing that creates a difference between people is their attitude towards problems.

Everyone has a different way of dealing with problems. If I generalise then I find three types of ways in which people deal with their problems.

1. Some victimise themselves with their attitude. They always feel like why only me chosen to have this problem.This is completely a victim attitude where they don’t want to focus in trying to find out a solution for their problems.

2. Such kind of people remain in denial mode. They behave like they don’t have any problem and with this attitude root cause of problem only grows and ultimately they suffered from huge loss due to absence of any solution.

3. These are the people who accept about their problems and make serious efforts to come out with some solutions. Such people can cope up with any odds in their lives and come out as winner.

World is full of ample examples where people have made their names despite of having worst circumstances. Some faced poverty, lack of exact physical attributes, dreaded diseases and many more things that might make someone to give up but the winners are those who accept the situations and try to achieve by finding solutions to their problem. People who have victim and denial attitude can never be happy nor they get any solution.

Happiness can only be achieved by accepting the problems and working towards their solution. By victimising one can only pity on himself rather than be happy.

Denial attitude can proved to be hilarious for one. Being positive is good but ignoring the problems can led to huge suffering and loses.

It’s our attitude that completely decides whether we will be happy or sad . If we really want to be happy and contented then we must accept problems, try to find the root cause and come up with some solutions. That will help us to tackle any situation in life and true happiness lies in being a fighter 😊