Can’t please everyone

“Oh what would they say if I will do that? “

“Would it hurt them if I choose to do it in my own way? “

This is one of the most common thing many of us go through. What make us think about what others think?

It starts from home and then society. When a child does anything that their Parents don’t want them to do, they normally choose these words as see what others will think about you? And later on when grown ups move out they think about others before doing anything. It has also been taught us that do not hurt others or make them happy with your actions.Which is also necessary but is it really possible everytime?

In order to portray our good image or in real for being good some of us stop giving priority to ourself and our choices. This way we forget ourselves. It lessens our power of handling and approaching different situations ,circumstances and problems.

If we can’t express ourselves just for the sake of others ,we can’t reveal or encounter with our own personality. It’s a good thing to think about others or not hurting them but practically it’s not possible everytime. Many times our way of tackling situations may not be liked by others. So it’s not possible to make everyone happy.

In many families I have seen some women who in order to make everyone happy have already forgotten themselves. This is a situation where a person lacks confidence. They can’t collect enough courage to speak for themselves.

This is the tradition of life ” as many words as mouth “. We should not give undue importance to everybody’s reaction on our actions. It is well said that it’s good to lose people around you rather losing yourself.

We should be confident and approach the situations in our own way because we can’t make everyone happy all the time. Take your own decisions and be bold enough to be stand by them. This is your life so decisions to be made by keeping your own view on front. Take guidance and advice from our elders and near dear ones for sure but keep your notions and thoughts on priority.

Do what you think is right because we can’t please everyone .😊

13 thoughts on “Can’t please everyone

  1. To be grow up in life,firstly you have to be learn boldly the word ‘ NO ‘..nd leave life freedomly..
    Nc thought rich…

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