Really against her will

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In the childhood she gets lesson of sacrificing own choices for being a girl,

Rules and regulations of the society in the name of culture and traditions are being imposed on her from centuries,

Getting judged for her each and every action including her looks and character,

She adjusts herself to several such things in the name of family, society, traditions and gender etc. and all these –

against her will….

But she makes her presence felt everywhere and we all know this world is beautiful and alive because of her.

Obsessed with the Past…

Everyone of us have good and bad times in our lives. Moments happy as well as sad both pass away with time and life moves on and on.

We all have memories.Memories that are to live with and some we never want to remember. Some of the time and some moments are really special that we want to live again and again.

Nothing wrong in remembering some moments and memories from the past. But there are some people who get stucked with their past. Most of the time of their day gets spend in remembering and talking about their past. Such people can’t overcome their past and adjust with the current time of their life.

Some miss their past love life, their partners, some remember their old work place and colleagues, some remember the city from which they get relocated to the newer ones. There are ample examples in which such people get themselves stay along with their past.

Such a situation when an individual remains obsessed beyond a limit with his/her past life then this situation is really dangerous.They can’t get involve in their present life and stuff. They are really not able to concentrate on the things they should.

They keep roaming in their Memory Lane.These people need help of their family members, friends and colleagues.

Such people can be recognized easily. When someone continuously talk about their past life and reveals that he/she is not happy with present life are those people.They spend most of the time in talking about their past life.

How such people can be helped? We can help these people by telling them and make them realise about the positive things going in their life. We must help them to know that concentrating on their present life will help them in future.

People obsessed with their past can be helped by creating a positive ambience around and time to time should be realised that past will never be back. Life moves in present.

With the help of near dear ones, friends and colleagues one can overcome such situation but if its difficult then one can also take the help of a counselor. It’s necessary to live and being in love with present because our present will make our future.

Memories are forever and some are to cherish. Be happy with your good ones and forget the rest if they are painful. Learn from past, live in present and make your future bright. 😊