Solution not problem

Life is not easy we all know that.Life actually comes in different packages and these packages consists of happiness as well as problems.Problems are inevitable.Life is not possible without facing problems and its true we all face problems.But many times we all encountered with the question why me?Once this question arrives the focus gets shift from seeking the solution towards the problem.And we focus on the problem it would really be very difficult to arrive on a solution.There is no such problem which do not have any solution. If we keep ourself focused on finding the solution then definitely we will get the correct solution or the ways to come out of it.In order to reach out to a solution what we exactly need is determination, the determination of getting the solution and not to let our focus divert from finding a solution to the problem.Keep sticking with the problem won’t going to help but many keep talking about problem instead of working to solve the same.So be determined and focused towards the solution and get rid of all the problems which may arise anytime.