For ourself

Ourself, here is used for an individual and his/her own. Every individual has own priorities, liabilities, worries and happiness. And all these things depend on an individual only and his/ her choice.

In our lives we encounter problems that may be emotional, financial or health related or may be anything that we consider a problem. As we are all social so we take advice from our friends, relatives and from professionals.

But here I think that we can take advice and get motivated but there are or almost in every situation we have to take decision for ourself. There is no problem with taking advice but we should not be influenced by others’ on every matter. We should gather enough courage in some situations where we can raise our voice for ourself. We should express our thoughts, liking and dislikings.

There are many situations where we are advised to take our step back where we really wanna move ahead and we know it well that what’s wrong and right. For our own rights, for our own self respect we must speak and take a stand for ourselves.

Just for the sake of making people happy around us do not accept or follow anything which you actually don’t want. There are certain cases where people follow advices given by others and suffer. In whichever circumstances we are ,we can only take a right decision for ourselves.

Trust me for time being it feels like to follow others’ advice and move but when we face the actual circumstances we only regret our decisions. It happens in personal life as well as professional.So be wise and choose what’s really good for you but if you know that you can make better decision on your own for yourself leave the good one and go for better. This is our life and we have to live every moment. It’s our journey so we should be enough confident about taking decisions for our betterment.

It’s better to be happy with our own decisions rather regretting on others’ advice. 😊

4 thoughts on “For ourself

  1. Very nice write up …taking advice is always good but one should give his her mind also to conclude . However even when we follow someone its our own decision to follow or not…

    1. Thanks. Agree with the last sentence . Intent behind my write up is if you wanna follow someone else’s advice should be your own decision not for the sake of some sacrifice or just by being influenced. 😊

  2. It’s hard when those we care about most don’t support us in some big decisions. It takes courage to stand up for ourselves! Great thoughts, Richa 🙂

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