Struggle:Another name of Life

As the title itself suggests that here I am going to talk about struggle.I always believe that Life is the most important gift that we been given by Almighty God .

Now coming to the title , I just want to mention few of the scenarios that I have been through in my life and around me that made me to conclude that Struggle is the another name of life.When I look around me, I see that every one is struggling with some or the other thing for some or the other reason. When I look towards the small kids getting ready in early morning in cold for school , I see their struggle. I see people running from their home to their work endlessly I see their struggle, even my too. At the work place when I see some senior humiliating the junior just coz of showing that they are senior, I see the struggle. 

Even on the streets and roads I see some cute kids selling newspapers and requesting people to buy it, i my inside feel their struggle and get touched inside.

This is the one side only about humans, I see the animals on the roads struggling for their existence in the world of humans.

But in spite of all this struggle , There is another wonderful side of this struggle.When kids are struggling with their sleep and cold and get ready to go to school in the morning , I see something more in their eyes. They are happy meeting their friends at Bus stops and later in school. I see satisfaction in their mother eyes when they come to drop their kids , satisfaction of their efforts that they are making to make their kids a successful person in the future.

When I meet some of the people who are running endlessly day and night for their work , I see satisfaction and happiness in their behaviour that what they are doing it doing it for their beloved ones. When I see the juniors, peers and colleagues who are sometimes tolerating the humiliation as well , I see a satisfaction in their eyes too of working and trying to make their place in organization and society.And the cute kids selling news paper , also raise a hope in the hearts that at this age they are not compromising their self respect and trying to earn through their efforts and when they sale one newspaper , its really lovely to see their faces.

So I reached the conclusion that this life offers a lot f reasons for us to be happy and hopeful. Without this struggle life would be useless. We can not feel the real happiness that comes through efforts and after some sort of struggle.

So I started believing that struggle is another name of life and no one can be happy without facing any struggle……………….struggle



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